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Creating a charismatic brand is the most powerful way to cut through all the marketing noise and reach your ideal customers. Simply put, it's how great companies first establish their fan base. 

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Feel Invisible?

Been there, done that, and was too broke to buy the t-shirt...

 I did all the things! I had a profile, group, or channel on every social media outlet known to man. I paid $10,000 for a fancy website, did Google Ad words, cold called, partnered with local groups, and even did the group coupon site - all failed attempts to generate sales for my first business. 

Does this sound familiar? Do you feel like you've tried every marketing ploy in the book to get noticed, but customers are still not finding you? Or, when they do find you, they are still not excited to buy. 

I'm here to tell you, success or struggle in business has NOTHING to do with your hastag saavy, and EVERYTHING to do with your brand saavy!

When I finally accepted that the key to my success was not in doing all the things, but in knowing which things to do and how to do them, I completely changed the course of my business and the course of my client's businesses. 

The ONE thing businesses who are wildly profitable understand is it's not about making it complicated, it's about making it simple

It's about quality over quantity...

Your brand not only dictates how effective your marketing will be, it also affects how much you can charge for your offer. Refining your brand is the most impactful and long lasting way to increase your sales and profits. 

Despite what the gurus may say, you don't have to struggle for sales. Business doesn't have to be hard. You CAN actually enjoy your business, be true to your craft, AND be wildly profitable. 

 Reject the belief that being a bootstrap entrepreneur implies a life of overwhelm!

Forget the crazy discounts, flash sales, and free trials. The way to create desire for your products isn't in slashing prices, it's in conveying value. It's why people will pay 8x more for a Nike sneaker without batting an eyelash, when they know they could buy a generic version for much less. 

Launch Boot Camp is designed to help you stand out, even in the most crowded niches. 

This is done in three simple steps...

  •  Identify your true market and create products and services they clamor for
  •  Integrate all the elements of a brand identity into into a cohesive expression, creating a true culture and fan base
  •  Create advertising and marketing campaigns that perfectly position your offer, establish brand value, and drive sales

From Struggle to Success!

I was in my mid twenties, the first time my husband and I went into business. Five years after opening, we shut our restaurant doors for good. 

I was mystified! We had so many positive reviews, followers, and I knew my husband's food was to die for. With my years of experience as a very successful corporate marketer and sales manager, I had every expectation we would thrive in business. 

In truth, I had not exptected business to be so darn complicated. I was drowning in tactics, tasks, and it felt like my days were filled by putting out one fire after another. 

Every single month, I'd stare at a sales goal and have NO CLUE how I was going to make it happen. I was notorious for putting together ambitious marketing tactics that consumed all of my time. After trying them only once I'd quickly discard it and move on to a new tactic that seemed equally promising. 

After closing our restaurant, I went to work as a copywriter and marketing consultant. It was during this time that I was able to learn by working with some brand leaders and also business that looked just like mine, but with the perspective of a consumer and removed from the emotion and desperation of it all.  

The line drawn in the sand was named "Brand"! This is why all of my schizoprenic marketing tactics failed. It's why some days I felt like I couldn't give our products away.  

The reason my house collapsed was becase I never took the time to create its framework. In fact, not only was all of my marketing ineffective, it was actually preventing sales. Putting out conflicting messaging was making it painful for my audience to grasp our dining concept.  

Once I discovered this, I had to share this will all of my entrepreneurial friends that were still struggling in their own business.  

I dedicated myself to the study of branding. By taking what big brands do and scaling the systems down for smaller businesses, they now could create their own charismatic brands.  

Today, the experience I have in business is completely different than that ragged restauranteur struggling to get by. I love what I do and enjoy a lucrative business that allows me to help fellow entrepreneurs do the same. 

"After going through Launch Boot Camp, I have been able to double my fees and generate more volume"

- Napthali Bryant, SparkED University

Here's what I'll be teaching...

In this 8 hour workshop, I will take you step by step through all the essential elements of creating a charismatic brand, and show you how to integrate all of these areas into ONE simple, cohesive brand identity. 


Understand exactly who your audience is and what they need from you

  •  Confidently determine who your audience is and where to find them 
  •  Understand demographic vs psycho-graphic data and how to apply them to your campaigns  
  • Understand how to identify what is truly important to your client and what adds value for them
  •  Find the gap in your market to establish your positioning


Get CLARITY on your business idea by identifying the your staple offer that will maximize profits, while fueling your passion.

  •   Create a product suite and business model that's right for you
  •   Learn how to choose and optimize your Staple offer and what your brand will be known for  
  •   Validate your idea before you go all in


Integration: Create a scale-able infrastructure that fits any budget, without sacrificing brand integrity.  

  • Creating Structure on a Budget  
  • Creating consistency and flow, so customers have an extraordinary experience
  • What to automate from the start  
  • How to bring on a team that "gets it" and "buys in" even if you don't think you can afford it


Develop a practical, uncomplicated branding and marketing plan that will exponentially grow your business

  •   How to integrate offers, persona, design, deliverables, and marketing into ONE cohesive and irresistable Brand Identity
  •   Deciding where to focus your marketing time and money  
  •   How to create dynamic copy that leads to sales
  •   Logo and Design Basics and Buyer’s Guide

Demystifying your marketing is as easy as refining your brand. 

Get better marketing results in 2019!

This virtual workshop was created to teach people with a talent, the other side of entrepreneurial-hood - the business of selling a brand!

Launch Boot Camp was built for entrepreneurs who have a passion for what they do. This course is not intended for commodity brands or drop shippers. This course is for entrepreneurs and small businesses leaders who have crafted a quality product or service. From real estate to spice rubs, these craft products and services are easily considered top quality in their market. Yet despite their undisputed value, they struggle to get traction.  

Does this sound familiar?

 You know branding is important, but after putting fires out all day, the last thing you have time to do is roam the internet trying to throw together some semblance of a plan. A graphic designer has one piece of the puzzle, a copywriter has another great idea, but all these random pieces of information are difficult to put together.

Burning the midnight oil you spend long nights devouring blogs and podcasts. You have a couple ideas and maybe even a tactic or two, but still no plan and no clue how to implement a strategy.

You desperately want to take your brand to the next level, but...

your brand shame is holding you back. You've been aroud long enough to know that national distributors, investor, even affiliates won't touch you without a clear and trustworthy brand.

Deep down you know you're not "show ready", so you put off the big pitchor another day and instead opt for a flash sale to try and generate sales.  


Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything; You’ve created countless versions of your offer; You jump from one marketign campaign to another, never really sure if you're executing it right. Maybe you are overwhelmed by all the options and get stuck in analysis paralysis.

 You’ve read the books, sat in the round tables and hired the consultants, yet you still feel lost on how to reach the people who would love your offer…if only they knew it existed and understood how awesome it actually is.  

It's beginning to feel like every marketing campaign is just a money pit and only works for other brands with big marketing budgets and ad agencies on retainer. With every compromise you make, you feel yourself slip further from clarity and inspiration.You may not even remember what your brand stands for anymore!  

You’re not alone!  

Sometimes being an entrepreneur can feel lonely, but believe me when I say, “You are not alone in this struggle.”. In fact, I’ve run across this so many times with my clients, I’ve decided to create an entire workshop geared at solving these road blocks. 

Why this method works…  

Launch Boot Camp was designed just for you. It is a SIMPLE and CLEAR action plan to get you in front of the audience you want, deliver an irresistible offer, and be prepared to deliver on the promise.  

This system will work for you, exactly where you are in business. 

The tools we will use to launch your brand have been selected for the solo entrepreneur with $0-$100 monthly marketing budget. The secret to generating sales isn't ad money, it's clarity and focus - and that's what you'll get here!

I know how hard it is, as an entrepreneur, to make time to work ON the business. I understand this workshop will only give you real results if the steps are clear, simple, and easy to incorporate into your habits and routines. That’s why I’ve centered Launch Boot Camp around action, rather than information.  

It’s great to gather information about launching a brand, but the best way to learn is by doing. This workshop is dedicated to the DOING.  

Launch Boot Camp is all about…  

  •   In class market research, allowing you to ask questions and know you’ve targeted the right group  
  •   Setting up software and systems within your business together, enabling you to hit the ground running  
  •   Instructions and checklists for automating the tasks that keep you stuck  
  •   Action plan for what to do post workshop to keep your momentum going  

With a workbook over 60 pages long, Launch Boot Camp is as intense as your determination to succeed.  

By the end of Launch Boot Camp, you will no longer agonize over what to do next to grow your brand. You will KNOW what your brand needs from you. Better still, you will know EXACTLY how to deliver it. 

I know, first hand, how frustrating it can be to leave a workshop with a ton of great advice, but feel lost when it comes to applying the concepts to my business. That’s why I’ve added a few extras to make sure this workshop is a game changer for you.


  •  An 8 hour training workshop (valued at $600)
  •   A recording of the workshop posted for 14 days on a password protected website (priceless)
  •  A live Facebook Q &A session 7 days after the workshop where you can ask me ANYTHING! (value of $100/hourly rate)
  •  Access to our ‘members only’ Facebook Group where you’ll connect with other brand crafters and myself (priceless)
  •  A actionable workbook that will serve as an instruction manual on what to do next for your brand (value over $250)

The great news is I'm not charging $950 for this workshop. You can get book your seat today for only $297 and get EVERYTHING listed above.

Don't let another year go by with slow and painful growth! 

Decide to change your story today!


What Others are Saying

"I have two business degrees, but this was the best course I’ve ever taken in business. '

- Napthali Bryant, CEO SparkED University

"My experience with Zahra has been transformational for my brand and for my new product launch in 2018. I know I can trust her to deliver with an expertise that surpasses normal expectations."

- Nicole Greene - Dream Life Consulting LLC

"Zahra helped us tremendously through the journey of articulating our brand. It’s something we wish we had done earlier on in our business. She was awesome at keeping me on track, even with the overwhelm of entrepreneurship."

- Mike Miller, Madge's Food Company

Not sure if it's right for you? Send me a message at I'd love to set up a chat and answer any questions you may have.